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We always look for perfection in everything. In you, in your company or brand and in your message. We create experiences and provocative contents to engage your audience. We drive relations through communication creation and perpetual approach change. This will help you measure your business success.
Over 14 years of experience in holding more than 500 press conferences for hundreds of governmental and non governmental Corporation had enabled us to serve you at the max levels. Such success was not achievable unless through our creative staff and our friends at media.

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We believe that PR is beyond traditional concepts. Companies and brands would enjoy PR to Boost their business. We show you the most effective path. Creating an appropriate and lasting relation with your customers is available through our PR techniques. Our team at Tadbirgaran spends enough time to develop new methods and solutions to upgrade old businesses and highlight Start-up companies. The best media consultants are those who does not own a specific medium! Here is our promise to business owners:
Gain the most from the less


  • PR
  • Cotents
  • Social PR
  • e-Marketing

What We Offer

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Good public relations builds relationships with your customers. Public relations is a component of your marketing strategy; a company will be more profitable through communication and relationships with customers

  • Media Research
  • PR strategy Development
  •  Media Relations ( Local media / Foreign media)
  • Media Monitoring
  •  Media Analysis and Reporting
  • Crisis management
  • Press conference
  • PR Events

Digital engagement is essential in marketing today. Beyond driving transactions, digital channels provide key insights into the customer journey and user behaviors. We help our clients leverage these insights to drive campaign success and overall marketing ROI.

  • Research and Development
  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Content Development
  • Social Platform Design and Maintenance
  • Social Media Monitoring
  • Social Media Analytics and Reporting
  • Digital Campaigns
  • Online Advertisements
  • Influencer Marketing

Social media plays crucial role on audience comment analysis and brand awareness. Therefor daily and weekly probe of social media help us to improve PR strategies and even changing them.

  • Social PR Strategy
  • Goal Making
  • Analysis & Communication Channel Opting
  • Message Editing
  • Hot Hashtag
  • Propoganda
Purposeful   media content providing, is an appropriate solution to keep target audience informed.  Providing diversity tone of voices based on media approaches is set forth to execute. Also, producing raw contents for media is another strategy for this section.  In addition providing multimedia content for social media and translating news for diversity of channels are efficiently supported by Tadbirgaran.
  • Press Kits
  • Interview
  • Feature Article
  • Report
  • Graphic Design & Motion Graphic
  • Video Cast & Pod Cast
  • Review & Benchmark



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